Only genuine parts for your Kia vehicle

Nothing beats the feeling of driving out of the dealership in your brand-new Kia. The smell, the look and especially, the driving experience are something that you may not be able to replicate as the years and the kilometers pile up. You want your vehicle to last as long as you want, therefore premium maintenance is a must.

Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, wants to help keep its fans’ and customers’ cars running as smoothly as the day they got their keys. Kia’s Genuine Parts campaign helps educate Kia owners on the importance of using only genuine parts for their Kia.

By posting information on the different parts on your vehicles that could need replacement over time due to wear and tear, CAC hopes to educate Kia owners on the use of these parts, why and when you need to have them replaced, and why you should only use Kia Genuine Parts.

The Kia Picanto deserves genuine parts

The Genuine Article

Kia Genuine Parts are engineered to precise and exact standards by Kia to the original specification of each vehicle. These parts that are the very same ones that are originally fitted to the vehicles at the factory are produced of durable and high-quality materials, keeping your car running longer and more efficiently.

Each time you visit a Kia dealership’s service bay, a Kia technician uses the latest diagnostic equipment to inspect your car and the condition of its various parts. These technicians are knowledgeable with the proper Kia Genuine Parts installation processes so you will get the correct replacement parts fitted properly. This ensures that your vehicle will be performing at its optimum level once it leaves the workshop. Kia Genuine Parts are available at competitive prices at any Kia dealer.

Finding the Right Filters

Your car uses several different filters to keep its internals clear of dust particles and other contaminants from reaching the vital parts of your vehicle. Each genuine Kia filter uses the latest technology to protect your car from any unwanted intruders.

Engines work by burning a mixture of air and fuel. The Air Filter’s purpose is to ensure the quality of the air in this mix to provide optimum performance. Counterfeit air filters wear-out up to three times faster while also jeopardizing safety and driving performance. These need to be replaced after every 15,000kms (Gas) /5,000kms (Diesel).

The Cabin Air Filter on the other hand is also designed to also filter dust and other airborne materials, but instead of the engine, it filters the air entering the ventilation and air-conditioning systems keeping the air you breathe nice and clean. These need to be replaced after every 7,500kms (Gas)/ 5,000kms (Diesel).

The Fuel Filter is clearly different. It serves the same general purpose of preventing unwanted materials from harming your vehicle, but instead of air, it filters the fuel, contributing to the ideal mix of air and fuel for optimum combustion. Fuel Filters need replacement every 60,000kms (Gas) / 20,000kms (Diesel).

Buying Belts that Fit

Modern vehicles have a couple of different belts in the engine bay whose purpose is to synchronize the movement of several components. Kia Genuine belts have undergone rigorous testing to provide you trouble free driving for several years.

Timing Belts keep your engine running smoothly by controlling the opening and closing of its valves. Timing belts have a definite fatigue life of 60,000kms.

Serpentine Belts can be differentiated from timing belts by its length. Its job is to provide power to several components in the engine including the alternator, power steering pump and the fan for the air-conditioning. Since it powers several parts, it’s ideal to have it checked and replaced regularly.

Brake Pads that Don’t Break

One of the most important wear items on your vehicle are the Brake Pads. Using Kia Genuine brake pads make sure you get consistent braking performance no matter the weather condition. Using proprietary Compound Materials with a medium to high friction coefficient, Genuine Kia brake pads stop your vehicle smoothly and safely every time. Replacing upon the recommendation from your maintenance service will help you maintain your car’s dependable performance.

Don’t compromise on your safety. Counterfeit parts wear faster and provide uneven braking and may ultimately fail prematurely and damage your car’s other components.

Beware the Pretenders

When you use non-genuine parts, you not only compromise the performance of your whole car but you invalidate your warranty as well. You will also be facing risks by having a mechanic that doesn’t have the expertise of a Kia technician work on your car using lesser-quality equipment. These non-genuine parts can also be sometimes less reliable and lead to more equipment failure resulting in higher labor costs.

More information on Kia Genuine Parts will be posted on Kia Motors Philippines’ various social media platforms and will be available on-site across all its dealerships nationwide.

Call your local Kia dealership to schedule an appointment with one of their knowledgeable service advisors.

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