Maybe you’re wondering why heavy equipment is featured in StreettalkPh? Well, as we’ve said, anything on the road…and off. Besides, all earthmoving equipment excites all of us here! We know you, our readers are all thrilled too!

Unbeknownst to a majority, Volvo also manufactures heavy equipment, and the quality that comes with Volvo automobiles is evident on their truck and heavy equipment line. This excavator is no exception. The Volvo EC200D is the fastest 20-ton class excavator on the market. With shorter cycle times and outstanding lifting capabilities it delivers significant productivity improvements for all types of general construction work.

The new EC200D has all these premium Volvo features – and more. The EC200 offers exceptionally high swing torque and unique lifting capabilities, which makes it the natural choice for general construction earthmoving work.

The excavator cycle time includes digging, lifting, rotation and unloading. The faster the cycle can be finished, the higher productivity for the machine. With the powerful Volvo D5E Tier 3 with output of 123 kW at 2,000 rpm, and strong hydraulics, the EC200D is designed to operate fast and with short cycle times.

The EC200D Features

Excavator Cycle Time – the time it takes for digging/loading the bucket, lifting, rotation to the dumping area and unloading.

This usually takes less than 20 seconds for the highly trained operator. Any longer means more working hours, more fuel consumption and generally longer hours of operation of the excavator.

Faster Cycle Time

Superior Loading Capacity – Maximum loading at the shortest intervals

Powerful Engine

  • High power output [email protected],000 rpm
  • High engine torque 670Nm @1,600rpm
  • Higher torque supports better lifting capacity
Loading Capacity

Fuel Management

  • 10 Work modes: Optimizes the customers Production requirement & saves fuel.
  • Engine Auto Idling – ECO Mode – Reduces engine rpm and increases pump input torque with NO impact on production, saves up to 5% fuel.
Fuel Efficiency and Cab Comfort

 Comfort Cab

  • All-round Visibility
  • Narrow Pillars
  • Large Glass
  • Extra mirrors (optional on c/w)
  • Spacious Cabin
  • Powerful aircon. Higher capacity (6500 kcal/h = 25794 BTU) ensure better cooling even in hot climates
  • Less wrist movement and effort with ergonomic Joystick design
  • Easy-to-view monitor
  • All switches are within convenient reach

Ease of Service

  • Grouped Filters – ensures Quicker Preventive Maintenance
  • Ground Level Access – No need to climb on to the engine compartment.

Safety for operators

  • Anti slip plates – “punched” for safety of operators and technicians
  • Accumulator – provided for safe lowering of boom in the event of power loss of the machine
Ease of Maintenance and Safety features

Superb Balance – Stability when you need it most. Wide track base and lower center of gravity

World-class fuel efficiency, productivity, quality, safety and service availability are always included when you buy a Volvo excavator. No more worries about spare parts and qualified technicians when you need them. They have service centers all over the country, with Service contacts in between.

Volvo also considered the well being of the operator. These features on the Volvo EC200D ensures maximum profitability at less operational time. Less operator fatigue means more output. Yes, the acquisition cost is bigger than its counterparts, but quality and consistency pays off more in the long run. Civic Merchandising offer  training for all aspiring Volvo heavy equipment operators, featuring these state of the art operating simulators.

Other Volvo Heavy Equipment Line

About Civic Merchandising

With over 30 service points and on-site service support nationwide, Civic Merchandising is a privately-owned company serving the construction, mining and transport industry in the Philippines. Their clients are leading local and multinational firms operating in the country, involved in a range of projects – from land development to building infrastructure such as roads and bridges. With over 30 service points and on-site service support nationwide,

Civic and Volvo Officials

Managing the account of Volvo Construction Equipment and a proud member of the Civic group of companies is Topspot Heavy Equipment Incorporated. Since the company’s beginning in 2015, Topspot Heavy Equipment is primarily a company serving the Construction and Mining Industry. Committed to provide quality service and dedication to satisfy relevant stakeholder, Topspot Heavy Equipment has proven its excellence to clients who have invested in loaders, haulers, excavators, and other construction equipment.


Words and images by Earl Manalansan


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