Vios Cup Season 5 turned out to be the most aggressive race of the series to date. Since the Vios Cup was started, drivers and teams have developed and matured to what they are today. They have studied their teammates as well as opponents, and after 4 seasons, they have also mastered the intricacies of the Clark speedway. They now know every turn and straights, memorizing where and when to steer. It all boils down to driver skills.

Racers in starting grid
There they go!

Drivers from the first race have become so skilled that they are actually running faster, reflexes are quicker, and different strategies and executions have been formulated. The only thing that stayed the same, are the cars. These Vios sedans have all been set up the same way. Stock engines with minimal suspension modifications, with wider tires and rims and of course. The aero kits that are actually functional. Other than that, it’s the same model that’s available from the showroom. Imagine a Vios going almost 180kph on the straights.

Controlled Chaos” – James Deakin.

Host James Deakin and Gaby Dela Merced were in unison when they said that the race was “Controlled Chaos”. The cars were all around the track, but amazingly there were no major mishaps, just a few dents and bruised egos. Strategy comes into play here.

Thankfully, this was the only serious mishap in the race. The driver, Oscar Suarez, walked away unharmed.
Alan Uy in lead, Note 4th car with damaged rear bumper flapping in the wind.

The drivers always find a new way to overtake their opponents, sometimes unorthodox but legal. This also says a lot about the safety features of the cars, no major damages so far. Accidents and mechanical breakdowns are now more commonplace than before. This season shows that the racers were now faster and more aggressive than the previous races. Different strokes for the leaders, such as defending champion Alan Uy, who pounced to first place after overtaking from the inside to capture the win from RacerX during the last 2 laps of Race 2.

Even the celebrities were more stoked than before. Troy Montero and Fabio Ide were more aggressive compared to season 3 & 4. Phem Barranda, in this case, is arguably, the most improved driver, whipping it up with the competition. As the only female driver racing with the Super class boys for a few seasons now, she has also mastered the car and track. This goes to show that female racers also got what it takes to race in the cup.

This race was a punishment of sorts. Drivers were exhausted from the stress and the heat. It was a blistering 40°C at the track for the two-day race. You could see the hardship in their face after they alight from the cars.

Here are the final standings:

Super Sporting Class
Sporting Class
Celebrity Class
Promotional Class

It wasn’t all business at the Clark International Raceway. There were booths for the viewing public. Aside from the usual food stalls, there was also a Rota display,(incidentally, the official wheel sponsor for the Vios Cup), Bridgestone tires and of course, a Toyota vehicle display. There was also a mini rack featuring  go-karts for the kids.

Based on this season’s performance, the next season of the Vios Cup is guaranteed to be more challenging and exciting, and with cooler weather ahead, both drivers and cars will surely be running faster.

Here are some more pictures.

The crowd pleaser Toyota 86 pace car

The Race 2 winners:

Sporting Class
Super Sporting Class
Celebrity Class
Promotional Class

Tech Inspection

After each race is completed, the winning car is mounted on the dyno to test the engine. Power and torque measurements before and after race must be consistent. Above normal power increases may led to disqualification.

Winning car on dyno.

See you next season!

(Race Results images from Toyota Motor Philippines FB.)


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