Chevron Philippines Inc., marketer of the Caltex brands of fuels and lubricants, today celebrated its second batch of trainees with a graduation ceremony in the Caltex Training in Occupational Opportunities for Life Skills or TOOLS, a livelihood project in San Pascual, Batangas.

Caltex TOOLS produced 25 highly-skilled welders, of which 3 were women. The Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) course that were taught to participants is based on global industry standards. All the graduates were former disadvantaged youths who weren’t able to complete high school due to financial difficulties. Some were doing on-and-off odd jobs with little pay while most were unemployable due to lack of skills needed by companies.

With their new skills as world class welders, these former disadvantaged youths now have a chance as Caltex TOOLS graduates to join major companies both here and abroad. Above photo shows the graduates and executives from Chevron Philippines Inc., Hinch Tech and AmCham Foundation. after the graduation ceremonies last April at San Pascual Batangas.

The TOOLS project started in 2016, when Caltex, together with the American Chamber Foundation (ACF) and Hinch Technologies, provided world-class training in scaffolding installation, dismantling and safety to 33 indigent youths. Scaffolding is a highly-specialized skill with growing demand both locally and abroad. Through TOOLS, the graduates are now employed by reputable companies both locally and abroad.

There has always been high demand for skilled welders. Hinch Technologies is one of the leading technical schools in San Pascual that enables the students to become globally-competitive workers. Being the partner of Caltex TOOLS, the company aims to fill the gap in this crucial job market and, at the same time, provide opportunities to our fellow Filipinos,” said, Barney Hinch, President of Hinch Technologies.

Caltex TOOLS not only provides technical training to the scholars’ but also include values formation and financial management education. Chevron allotted P1.5 million for the students’ one-month technical training in Hinch Technologies. The project also supports graduates through job-matching and employment opportunities in CJI General Services, one of the contractor in Chevron Batangas Terminal in San Pascual.


One of TOOLS newest alumni is Jake Ramirez, son of a fisherman, and used to work as a part-time carpenter. TOOLS gave him the opportunity to hone his skills in welding and open more chances for gainful employment.

To provide for my family and give them a better life is what motivates me to perform well in my training. With the opportunity given by Caltex TOOLS, I now have a bigger chance at making this dream into a reality,” said, Jake, who graduated top of his class.

Beyond providing quality fuels, Chevron takes pride in its operational excellence. The training received in TOOLS are aligned with international standards that open more opportunities in the local and global job market.

Operational Excellence is a way of life at Chevron. Training that is based on international standards creates highly-skilled workers that will fill the need in the job market. By enabling the local workers to be globally competitive, we are contributing to the growth of the economy and providing more job opportunities to Filipinos.” stated Louie Zhang, Country Chairman of Chevron Philippines, Inc.

The Caltex TOOLS program is one of the undertakings of CPI’s Energy for Learning Initiative which supports projects that provide learning and skill to disadvantaged people.

About Chevron Philippines Inc.

Chevron Philippines Inc. has been operating in the country for more than 90 years. Caltex™, its retail brand, offers high quality products and services. There are close to 700 service stations strategically scattered throughout the Philippine archipelago and employees working in several areas of business such as Marketing, Lubricants and Terminal operations. The Chevron products that are available in the Philippines include Caltex with Techron® fuel and Caltex Diesel with Techron®D, Havoline® and Delo® oils. More information on Chevron Philippines Inc. is available at


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