Credibility is an understatement. Like the knowledge partaken during a rigorous exam, there is an unmeasurable level of trust and confidence with Mel Aquino’s brand. The continued patronage of corporate entities, other rider-organizations and main stream motorcycle brands giving Mel Aquino with their mark of approval, is a testament to his expertise. As ambassador of Yamaha, Metzeler, VS1 and Mototek, SEC/Just One, Mel Aquino highlights not just the brand but also its sensibilities; forming not just a business relationship but a partnership. Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Offroad Training Camp, does not require a trademark because it leaves an indelible mark to those who have been fortunate to experience the brand.

Mr. Mel Aquino, Top1 Marketing Manager Mr. Walter Aw and Junior Marketing Manager Ms. Angeline Dioquino

Another milestone for the Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Offroad Training Camp, is when Top 1 Oil becomes the latest partner of the school, lending not just their name but its status as one of the leading exporter of high quality lubricants in the USA.  Attending the contract signing is Top 1’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Walter Aw and the Junior Marketing Manager, Angeline Dioquino. Motocross champion and Philippine Wheelie King Caloy Gaston, together with rider Roe Bautista, will be on hand to exhibit their skills in off-road and stunt riding. Top 1 will also introduce another family of riders as part of the group of scholars for the training camp. The Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Offroad Training Camp will be the setting for this landmark achievement in Philippine motoring history.

The Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Offroad Training Camp is located at KRB Speedway, Brgy., Inarawan Antipolo City, beside RC Cola Plant along Marcos Highway, going to Marilaque.


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