Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation just released their updated and TRAIN compliant vehicle price list for 2018. MMPC also stated that several deals and promos are available for almost all vehicles, which includes instalment plans that will suit your budget.

For more information, visit your nearest Mitsubishi dealer and book a test drive.

Model / Variant                                                                   SRP (PHP)

Mirage GLX 1.2 MT                                                               630,000

Mirage GLX 1.2 CVT                                                              688,000

Mirage GLS 1.2 MT                                                                692,000

Mirage GLS 1.2 CVT                                                              790,000

Mirage G4 GX 1.2 MT                                                            584,000

Mirage G4 GLX 1.2 MT                                                          666,000

Mirage G4 GLX 1.2 CVT                                                        717,000

Mirage G4 GLS 1.2 MT                                                          816,000

Mirage G4 GLS 1.2 CVT                                                         867,000

Lancer EX GLS 1.6 MT                                                          928,000

Lancer EX GT-A 2.0 CVT                                                    1,238,000

XPANDER GLX 1.5 MT                                                          885,000

XPANDER GLX Plus 1.5 AT                                                   960,000

XPANDER GLS 1.5 AT                                                          995,000

XPANDER GLS Sport 1.5 AT                                               1,060,000

ASX GLS 2WD 2.0 CVT                                                      1,215,000

ASX GSR 2WD 2.0 CVT                                                     1,325,000

Pajero GLS 3.2 Di-D 4WD AT                                             2,842,000

Montero Sport GLX 2WD 2.4D MT                                      1,565,000

Montero Sport GLS 2WD 2.4D AT                                       1,719,000

Montero Sport GLS Premium 2WD 2.4D AT                        1,849,000

Montero Sport GLS 4WD 2.4D MT                                      1,788,000

Montero Sport GT 4WD 2.4D AT                                        2,164,000

Strada GL 2WD 2.5 MT                                                        960,000

Strada GLX 2WD 2.5 MT                                                   1,048,000

Strada GLX V 2WD 2.5 AT                                                 1,160,000

Strada GLS 2WD 2.4 MT                                                   1,160,000

Strada GLS 2WD 2.4 AT                                                   1,228,000

Strada GL 4WD 2.5 MT                                                     1,107,000

Strada GLS 4WD 2.4 MT                                                    1,336,000

Strada GLS V 4WD 2.5 MT Field Master                               1,405,000

Strada GLS Sport V 4WD 2.5 AT Field Master                      1,525,000

Strada GT 4WD 2.4 MT                                                      1,575,000

Strada GT 4WD 2.4 AT                                                       1,512,000

Adventure GLX 2.5D MT                                                        952,000

Adventure GLS Sport 2.5D MT                                             1,010,000

L300 Deluxe Cab Chassis                                                       620,000

L300 Deluxe with AF optional rear body                                  692,000

L300 Deluxe with WT optional rear body                                 750,000

L300 Deluxe with PET optional rear body                                735,000

L300 Deluxe with CV optional rear body                                 720,000

L300 Deluxe with FB optional rear body                                  734,000

L300 Deluxe with FB optional rear body (Single AC)                 764,000

L300 Deluxe with FB optional rear body (Dual AC)                   781,000

L300 Exceed Cab Chassis                                                       635,000

L300 Exceed with FB optional rear body                                  759,000

L300 Exceed with FB optional rear body (Single AC)                 789,000

L300 Exceed with FB optional rear body (Dual AC)                   806,000

L300 Exceed with XV body                                                     983,000

L300 Exceed with XV body (School Bus option)                     1,062,000

L200 w/ Single AC Opt.                                                          795,000

L200 w/ Single AC Opt. & FB body                                          920,000

L200 w/ Dual AC Opt. & FB body                                            945,000

Canter FE71 Cab Chassis (4 wheeler 10 footer)                      1,315,000

Canter FE84 Cab Chassis (6 wheeler 16 footer)                      1,481,000

Canter FE85 Cab Chassis (6 wheeler 18 footer)                       1,580,000

Rosa Bus (25 seater)                                                            3,455,000

Rosa Bus (29 seater)                                                            3,500,000

Rosa Bus (33 seater)                                                            3,855,000

FI 1217R Cab Chassis (6 wheeler 12 Ton) Medium-duty           2,235,000

FJ 2528R Cab Chassis (10 wheeler 25 Ton) Heavy-duty            3,370,000


*Additional Php 10,000 for Mirage and Mirage G4 in Savanna White and Php 15,000 for Pajero in Rio Grande White, Montero Sport and Strada in Savanna White, and ASX in Biscuit White (Pearl White) premium colors.

MMPC reserves the right to alter prices without prior notice.
Prices are SRP in Philippine Peso and does not include freight and handling.


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