Right From its humble beginnings in the Philippine market a decade ago,KYMCO Philippines made its mark among the young generation by introducing small lightweight scooters that were relatively affordable and easy to use. Models such as the Super 8 were very famous among street warriors then, and believe it or not, majority of them are still roaming the roads up to now. A testament to Kymco quality.

Last Mar 23-25 at the IR Bikefest, KYMCO once again proved its dedication to the advancement of the scooter industry by revealing their new models. New angular aesthetics coupled with advanced technological engine management simply wowed the crowds.

Kymco is no longer that small Taiwan-based manufacturer, but a fast rising major player and among the biggest in the world, and these new models solidify it:

XTown 300
XCiting 400
AK 550
People S 150cc
COZY Electric Scooter
Cozy Electric Scooter specs

NOODOE is a revolutionary connected scooter experience from KYMCO, for the new Internet era. Noodoe connects the rider at the center of the scooter operation; right from the diver approach, during the journey, and up to parking your scooter, it’s truly an amazing experience. It’s human interaction with the scooter, at its best.


RIDE MODE: On the fully personalized dashboard, this gives you a simple but smart set of information; Clock, Weather, Compass and of course, Speed.

STOP MODE: when stopping at a traffic light, STOP MODE turns on through a Bluetooth headset, and alerts you of the following: Missed calls, SMS and even social media updates from your loved ones. Breaking news and traffic updates are given in real time.

SMART COMPASS: When you’re exploring new routes, or finding a shorter way to go home, Smart Compass gives you the information you require to make every ride comfortable – and fun!

FIND MY RIDE: This is a very useful app nowadays, especially with the proliferation of thousands of bikes and scooters in mall parking. FMR automatically memorizes your scooter’s location when you park and guides you back to your unit in no time. Very useful!!

DESTINATION COMPASS: It shows you how to get to your destination faster with specific directions and distance information.

GROUP COMPASS: This displays the location of your fellow riders and helps keep the group together. No one gets left behind!

NOODOE also allows you to express yourself in your own scooter, that’s why you can choose from a plethora of color options available from a cloud service. Choose from the NOODOE dashboards and install one. You could also forego this option and put a picture of yourself and your significant other for that ultimate customization.

KYMCO Philippines re-direction of it’s major Product line-up, is considered a taxing and critical move that would further promote the growth of scooter to the next Maxi Level which is dubbed as the “Kymco Experience”. Kymco places the rider in the center of everything.

Congratulations to KYMCO Philippines!


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