From March 23 to 25, 2018, the World Trade Center was the manna for motorcycle enthusiasts. Thanks to the 12th IR Bike Fest.

The 3 days of the IR Bike fest was not nearly enough. The influx of visitors and enthusiasts was streaming all day long. No wonder, for inside the WTC were the 4 major manufacturers and over a dozen up and coming brands, showing off their newest, trendiest and technologically advanced motorcycle models

Yamaha officials with host, Robbie Domingo

Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki spared no expense in their launching of their new models. The other smaller manufacturers, including other China brands also didn’t pull any punches in outshining each other. Celebrities also endorsed their preferred brand with much fanfare. Looking past the festivities, the manufacturers revealed their most advanced models, from small 125cc to big bikes with powerplants up to 1200cc, from scooters to cruisers, to desert adventurers.

Honda presentation
Suzuki President Hiroshi Suzuki

Electric bikes were also in vogue, Taiwan-based Kymco, for example, showed off its electric scooter called COZY, that comes with spare batteries to double its 60km range. “Noodoe“, their dedicated internet app for their bikes was also revealed. More on this in a separate review.

Kymco Cozy

Aside from motorcycles, Vendors also displayed their wares. Tires, lights, body kits and everything in between are there for the taking at huge discounts.There was also a mini bike show, where custom units were prominently displayed. Truly, it was a rider’s paradise.


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