The HINO line of commercial vehicles

Hino ensures employee safety and customer satisfaction with safety program and quality products and services

For the past few decades, the country has been swamped with second-hand heavy trucks from Japan. They were regarded then as good deals, mainly because of their price (about 10% of a price of brand new unit) and other options not available locally . What buyers didn’t know, or chose to ignore, is that these units are way past their prime operating hours, others are just reconditioned junk. Not to mention having to convert the steering components from RHD to LHD, often times haphazardly to cut costs.

The Philippine commercial vehicle market has come a long way since then. Different brands have established business all over the archipelago, not only Japanese brands but American, European and Chinese. Competition has forced the prices to stabilze, enabling the medium -size company to afford brand new units.

This is where HINO comes in. Delivering on its commitment of providing reliable trucks and buses, Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines, underscores safety manufacturing and processes and quality engine to match the trucking requirements of Philippines businesses.

The company strongly believes that innovative yet safe manufacturing technologies and practices not only ensure employee safety and satisfaction but also encourage commitment to quality production, which then lead to quality products and services and customer satisfaction.

Hino company-wide safety program stresses organization, discipline

Based on the 5S principle, the safety program that Hino has been implementing for years now underscores work organization, standards and discipline to encourage safety practices among all employees. This 5S campaign calls upon employees to:

Seiri or sort tools and items,

Seiton or straighten and arrange items for easier access and use,

Seiso or shine to ensure regular cleaning of work areas and equipment,

Seiketsu or standardize work and processes, and

Shitsuke or sustain to continue improving clean and safe practices every day.

The company-wide program hopes to make safety a way of life in Hino plants and among employees. Hino believes that increasing employee awareness about the importance of safety practices and encouraging regular adoption of such safety protocols will benefit all stakeholders in the long term.

Beyond boosting awareness about safety, the program, which was patterned from Hino Motors, Ltd. in Japan, involves equipping plant personnel with a complete set of personal safety equipment list which consist of shoes, goggles, gloves, arm covers, a hard cap and even ear muffs.

Workers are required to wear the complete gear in the production lines. Anyone found not wearing the complete gear is asked to leave the production line and then sent to the new Professional Safety Health Environment department, which coordinates with Human Resources in studying cases and implementing corresponding sanctions.

Even visitors are required to wear safety equipment

Likewise, employees are expected to take proper care of the personal safety equipment issued to them. They are required to shoulder the cost of replacing lost items. Replacement, however, of issued items worn out by normal wear and tear, is free.

Besides providing personal safety equipment, Hino implements strict safety regulations in the production lines. For example, employees working 2m or higher must use a harness while those who handle lifting must limit manual lifting load to 20kg.

There are also protocols for using machines, equipment and vehicles. Revolving lamps and sound alerts warn workers about moving machines. Locks secure wheeled trucks, in particular those on a horizontal plane, in place, with drivers conducting safety checks before moving the vehicles to alert anyone working underneath or nearby.

A daily safety patrol is conducted to ensure strict observance of plant safety protocols.

safety first
Safety is Top Priority!

Euro 4 trucks and buses offer innovative, eco-friendly transport solutions

Still in line with its commitment of providing reliable and quality transport solutions to Philippines businesses, Hino recently launched its new line of trucks and buses powered by Euro 4 engines.

In addition to reaffirming its vow of Total Support to Filipinos, the company’s shift to the Euro 4 emission standard matches the industry’s call for innovative transport solutions while complying with government regulations.

The HINO line of commercial vehicles

The new Euro 4-powered vehicles from Hino promise improved engine durability at greater cost efficiency and less carbon footprint. The new fleet includes refrigerated van, cargo crane, dump truck, cab and chassis truck, tractor head, wing van, Cerito bus, Grandeza bus and modern Hino jeepneys.


HMP Chairman Vicente T. Mills, Jr. acknowledges this new milestone as a reflection of Hino’s continuous support for the Filipino community. “Hino is grateful for this opportunity to offer an eco-friendly yet innovative transport solution that further expands the Hino range of quality of trucks and buses. We will continue to offer quality trucks and buses that meet the different needs of Filipinos, investing in new technologies that do not harm the environment,” he said.

Mr. Vicente Mills, Jr.Chairman, HMPI

Hino has been engaged in the assembly and exclusive distribution of quality Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines for more than 40 years. Known for providing safe, durable and reliable vehicles, HMP meets the transport needs of businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises to big corporations


Hino’s Grandeza bus as the media shuttle service for this event gave the media first-hand experience of the Hino quality in each of its products and services. It was also included in the test drive units in the afternoon.
The media showed great interest to one of the test drive units – the 500 series wing van
The motoring media attendees were given first-hand experience on Hino’s latest Euro 4 line up of trucks and buses.

About Hino Motors Philippines Corporation

Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (HMP) is primarily engaged in the exclusive assembly and distribution of quality Hino buses and trucks, distribution of genuine Hino spare parts, and the manufacture and distribution of other automotive-related products and services in the Philippines. Originally incorporated in March 1975 under the name Pilipinas Hino Inc. (PHI) before it changed its name to HMP in 2015, the company is a joint venture among Filipino investors, Hino Motors, Ltd., and the Marubeni Corporation of Japan.



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