Gazelle Motors Corp, a subsidiary of Eastern Petroleum, a Davao based, large Philippine diversified business group that is actively participating in the state program of modernization of public transport and is among the top 1,000 largest corporations in the Philippines, partners with the GAZ Group to supply the commercial vehicles to the country, as well as multi-functional, reliable and modern buses of the GAZelle Next family which fully meet the requirements of the Government’s Fleet Modernization Program.

GAZ Group, the leading manufacturer of military and commercial vehicles in Russia, and Gazelle Motors Corp., GAZ Group official distributor, start selling GAZelle Next minibuses and GAZelle Next Citiline framed buses in the Philippines. The vehicles are equipped with Cummins diesel engine ISF 2.8l and will be sold through the own dealer centers network of Gazelle Motors Corp. in the Philippines. The military pedigree of GAZ vehicles trickled to the commercial vehicle segment, assuring the same quality and toughness.

The cooperation agreement between GAZ Group and Eastern Petroleum was signed in September 2017. The Government’s Fleet Modernization Program in the Philippines is a large-scale state program to replace old public vehicles. At the first stage, until 2023, more than 200,000 units – minibuses, medium and large buses – will be replaced by new buses, and more than 150 new bus routes will be launched. The key goal of the program is the full transport system modernization that should rely on reliable, safe and comfortable buses meeting the highest environmental standards.

GAZelle NEXT Mini bus
Also with high ceiling clearance

GAZelle Next Minibuses can be effectively used for route transportation (up to 17 passengers), or as a company office vehicle or a tourist bus. The design of the minibus provides for the possibility of transporting standing passengers. The minibus can serve as the platform for various specialized vehicles: publicс utility vehicles, transport for disabled people, school buses, airport shuttles, executive corporative minibuses

GAZelle NEXT Citiline frame bus
The Cockpit
Rear Door. Note ample height of bus ceiling

The GAZelle NEXT Citiline frame bus has a shorter overall length but a wider overall width of the body. Despite their compact dimensions, these buses can carry up to 19 passengers. The buses are equipped with comfortable passenger seats and railings allowing passengers to comfortably and safely move around in the passenger compartment. GAZelle NEXT Citiline buses feature a large area of glazing.

GAZelle NEXT dropside truck 5

GAZelle Next family is a range of light commercial vehicles combining high functionality, modern and eco-friendly technical solutions. GAZelle Next is powered by the new Cummins diesel engine ISF 2.8l that’s available in Euro 4 and Euro 5 eco standards. The engine displacement is 2.8 l, the power – 150 h.p., the torque – 330 Nm.

GAZelle NEXT dropside truck 5

Sales and after-sales service of GAZ vehicles will be provided by 5 dealer centers of Gazelle Motors Corp. in the Philippines and a network of 35 fully trained and accredited aftersales service centers throughout the country, provided by local partner’s companies – Rapide and Payless.


Dr. Fernando Martinez, Chairman and CEO

Fernando Martinez, Chairman and CEO of Gazelle Motors Corporation, said: “Finally, the Philippines will benefit from advanced technology from Russia with respect to reliable and competitively-priced vehicles. Thanks to the aggressive economic diplomacy of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte with his historic visit to Russia, which paved the way to this partnership.”

“The start of sales of multi-functional, reliable and eco-friendly GAZelle Next minibuses is the first stage of our entrance in the Philippine market, which is interesting from both points of view – commercial sales and in terms of participation in a large-scale state program of public transport modernization. I am sure that together with such a strong partner as Gazelle Motors Corp., we will be able to quickly and confidently develop in this market.” stated Christian Kremer, SVP for Sales and Marketing of GAZ Group.


GAZ Group ( is one of Europe’s leading and Russia’s top producer of commercial vehicles, which exports to more than 40 countries worldwide. Group’s product portfolio includes light and medium-duty commercial vehicles, buses, heavy-duty trucks, powertrains, and car parts. GAZ Group is integrating into the international automotive industry through industrial partnerships with leading OEMs Volkswagen and Daimler. Motor vehicles produced by GAZ Group are powered by gasoline, diesel, gas or electric engines. The Company is engaged in the development of cutting-edge technologies such as vehicles with telematics, advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and self-driving vehicles. GAZ Group operates 13 fully integrated production plants in Russia and has assembly facilities in Turkey and Kazakhstan.


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